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Festival Project

This months featured film festival project is the drama short film and "PIECES". PIECES has captured the attention of several major film festival executives, network reps and distributors. Actors Priscilla Andrews, Adrien Chism, and Vivien Claire delivers 10 straight minutes of incredible character emotions, digging deep within themselves and producing an " edge of your seat" drama performance.

While on the set of "PIECES" director Chris Donaldson shows why is one of the most talented professional cinematographers of today; studying the details and capturing the emotions from the actors in every scene and angle. View a "Behind The Scenes" clip. 

Actors Priscilla Andrews, Adrian Chism and Vivien Claire on the set of Pieces.jpeg
Filmmaker Chris Donaldson and crew on the set of Pieces.jpg
Pieces BTS 5.jpg
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